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LATEST TIP! - Preventing Acid Rain Damage

When driving by a new car dealer's lot, have you noticed the white plastic film on the roof, trunk and hood of the new cars? That plastic film is put there to prevent paint damage such as acid rain. Unfortunately the film is removed before they sell the car. One light rain can be loaded with acid. It can etch little irregularly shaped marks in the paint in less than a few hours. The marks may not be noticeable unless you are looking for them. Even when looking, you may not see them if the light is not just right. Try looking at the hood at a shallow angle. All paint colors can be damaged by acid rain. The damage is easier to spot on darker colors like, reds, blacks, blues, greens etc.

How do you prevent acid rain damage? Don't let your car get rained on is the best bet. That is a little unreasonable. You can do something. Light rainfalls that last only a few minutes usually contain more acid rain than long, heavy rains. So be alert. If you find your car has be rained on you can test for Acid. This may sound a little crazy but it does work. Taste one of the rain drops resting on the car hood. You can do this by simply touching the tip of your tongue to it. Make sure nobody is around. They may think you are nuts! Or, if your finger is clean, touch the water droplet and then touch your finger to your tongue. If the rain drop contains acid, you will taste it. I can't accurately describe how it will taste but you will taste something if acid is present. Pure rain water should have no taste. If you detect acid, either dry the horizontal surfaces of the car as quickly as possible or, if you have access to tap water, hose the car off. If you get the acid off soon after the rain stopped, you should have minimal or no damage at all.

Don't like to taste rain water from your car's paint? Want more accuracy? Get our pocket sized acid rain test kit. It will show conclusive proof of acid rain drops sitting on your car. The kit contains a micro eye dropper that will lift water droplets off the paint surface. A small vial to place the water, a special bottle of testing liquid and a handy color chart for comparing your results.

The Big Mistake When Comparing Waxes

Don't make the very common error of using our products on your whole car then saying..."It looks great, but I can't see any difference from my old wax." It's impossible to remember how your car looked the last time you waxed!

The proper way to compare WaxFactory wax with another product is in a side-to-side test on dark paint. (Black is best) It's harder to see the difference on white or light colored cars. Do adjacent areas of the car hood. One with WaxFactory's Polish and Glaze and waxfactory's Concentrated Carnauba Wax, the other with your favorite brand. From various angles, observe your face's reflection, depth of paint color and absence of scratches and imperfections in both areas.

Yes...your new car can have a shine you've never dreamed possible! A head turning, eye-popping, deeper, richer mirror gloss. And if you've got an older car, strangers will ask if it's freshly painted!

Scratches, road grime and dull paint won't come off with simple washing. That's when you really need the complete Waxfactory's System. Enhance and preserve the finish this 2-step way. Wash it, then apply waxfactory's Polish & Glaze to take away stains, greasy road grime and small, haze-like scratches. It is perfectly safe on clear coat finishes. You don't have to use the Polish & Glaze every time you wax. You should use it the first time and at least once per year. Unlike many harsh, abrasive cleaners, WaxFactory's Polish & Glaze is so microscopically fine it can be used straight from the bottle to polish gold or silver. That means if your car is really dull, you can actually use a power buffer and not worry about buffing off your paint! It is so fine it won't even leave swirl marks!

All by itself, WaxFactory's Polish & Glaze will impeccably clean and revive the paint to original showroom quality. Then, further enhance that sparkling finish and color depth with a thin film of WaxFactory's Carnauba Wax and buff lightly. Now you won't believe your eyes! And the rain will continue to bead up on the finish even though you wash it again and again! Don't fall for these gimmicks and claims!

Older formulated paste waxes Harder spreading, tiring to apply, difficult to buff. WaxFactory's is liquid, flows on incredibly easy, goes farther, and all it needs is a gentle buffing to create a super-hard shine with a gloss you simply can't match with any other products. (Some newer paste waxes are easier to apply then the old fashioned pastes which are still being sold)

One-step cleaner-waxes, polyglaze synthetics and amino-functional silicones all contain abrasives that gradually "sandpaper" your finish away, and some can cause tiny scratches that actually dull the shine. Don't use these if you wax often. Use caution!

Cheap "carnauba waxes" off the shelf

The less they cost, the lower the quality of carnauba they contain, and most contain abrasives too. A pint will only do your car two or three times. To a person who has never used WaxFactory's wax, it may appear to cost more, but a pint of WaxFactory's wax can cover even a big Mercedes 20 to 30 times!

Colored Waxes

This is another gimmick to get you to part with your money. You'll need a different bottle for each color car you've got. The polish residue is supposed to fill in chips and scratches. Only touch-up paint should be used to fill chips. If the dyes used are really strong enough to affect your paint, it could discolor your rubber, chrome and glass! Also, the colored residue makes it hard to see where you've missed when buffing. WaxFactory's comes in five colors, yet works great on ALL color paints!

Flames and Acid

These are old time carnival tricks used by hucksters for years. Lighter fluid squirted on your paint will burn for about 7 seconds. Barely enough time to raise the paint temperature 15 degrees or cause any damage. Hydrochloric acid is dripped onto paint after ammonia is first sprayed. It looks scary. The ammonia immediately neutralizes the acid and causes a smoke-like vapor to appear. This is just another gimmick to make you think the wax is protecting the paint from the acid. If they claim their wax prevents acid rain damage, ask to see the guarantee. See what they'll do for you if damage does occur!

Abrasive Free 1-Step Waxes or Polishes

Many products claim they contain no abrasives but really do! (see the test for abrasives in another section of this website)

Claims of High Percentages of Carnauba Wax

It's not the quantity of wax, but the use of quality grades and blends of different Carnauba waxes and additional special unique ingredients that creates the highest shine and durability. It's the final result that counts! Always compare waxes in side-by-side tests!

5 Steps to an Unbelievable Shine!

If you have never used our products before and you want to achieve the best shine possible:

Don't assume that because you have been waxing cars for years that you know all there is to know about these processes. We have been supplying our products since 1979. By now we should know the best ways to use them. Before starting, read all the tips and instructions available on our web site or in our printed booklets. This is by far, the most important step you can take!

Wash and Dry Car

Use a deracer and to remove all contaminants stuck to the surface of the paint that washing did not take off. It will make the surface very clean and smooth. Apply Polish and Glaze. Rub it in long enough so that the paint's gloss is enhanced and most fine scratches are removed. This is probably the 2nd most important step to that shine you always wanted. Buff off all residue as detailed in instructions. Sell your car for more than you paid!

Sell your car for more than you paid!

Your car's value usually drops every year for about 15 years. If it's still in excellent condition after 20 years, you can probably sell it for more than you originally paid! With proper care you can keep your car gleaming and free of any rust. An excellent appearance will command the highest price on resale. This guide gives some helpful hints on the correct methods of washing, polishing, waxing and prevention of body rot...

Since then I set out to design another innovative series of products that would complement modernizations in car paint and finishes, utilize advancements in research and development in the car care industry, and fulfill the ever-changing desires of the consumer. The WaxFactory staff and I set up stringent guidelines for the development of the ultimate car care line that we would eventually introduce to the car-loving public. Our collective vision was of a complete line of exclusive car care products that would be an exceptional value based on superb effectiveness, employing cutting-edge research and development, encompassing all aspects of car care applications. We were driven to have our product spearhead a new breed of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable products, recently made possible through modern science. But our foremost goal was the creation of paint sealant that could bridge the gap between carnauba waxes and long-lasting paint sealants—combining their most desirable traits.