The WaxFactory and Mike Harris puts shine to any vehicle...

The WaxFactory offers over thirty years of experience, customers could never find the level of service they expected in the detail industry. In 2001, the WaxFactory was founded and we have raised the bar in service and quality so high that most people call our hand wash a detail. We surpass your expectations. We service customers who value their investment and will invest in its care and maintenance. Since then, we have met and exceeded all our goals including winning The Best of New York and New Jersey 2006, 2010 and 2014 Automobile Detailing. We were featured on NBC during a Philadelphia Eagles game and we are currently working with various celebrity car shows such as the DUB Magazine Tour and The Funk Master Flex Tour (pictures do not tell lies). We have detailed vehicles for many celebrities, sport athletes and actors, etc. For the last three years, we have been invited to detail the vehicles at the New York International Auto Show including Mercedes Benz, Audi and Porsche dealerships. In addition, our clients include CEO'S, CFO'S, state and local officials and local radio stations.

WaxFactory steps onto big stage with special waxing formula!

If you ask celebrities like T-Pain or Funkmaster Flex which wax they prefer on their high-end vehicles, then Mike Harris (owner of WaxFactory) says, "That's stacking the deck..." After all he has been with Dub Magazine's and Funkmaster Flex's car show for several years and is showing no signs of slacking, "I've been with the car show's from the beginning and have worked on everybody's vehicle from Ludacris to Wyclef Jean..." he explains candidly. Mike continues, "I started from the bottom (just trying to get someone to try my wax) so to be in this position today is remarkable...' He goes on to say, "Consistency. Period. It doesn't matter what name or what company logo is on the product, if the results are repetitive, then the possibility of a return customer increases. In this business it's not about just who you know, but, who knows about you. And if you ask, people know about WaxFactory...I guarantee it!"
Feb. 23, 2011 - PRLog --